Read me first

In our current fast advancing hobby, products are changing rapidly. The problem with this is that there are still many good older generation products being used and traded which are no longer documented by the manufacturer or may have been acquired without documentation. The data on this web site started as my personal collection of articles and documentation. It  represents a significant effort on my part and is placed here for the benefit of the Heli R/C community.

You are welcome to view, download, and print any information you desire.
You are welcome to link or direct any other individual to this site.

You are not authorized to republish the data in any form without my permission.

Is that too much to ask for?

--- Notice to manufacturers and document owners ---
Most of the documents on this website have been taken from public sources.
Credits and links to most manufacturers and document sources are given.
If you disagree with any of your documentation being presented here,
please contact me and it will be immediately removed.

Since this sites origination in 2000, no request for removal of documentation have been received.

Thanks for visiting--Al