Radio Information

This section contains documentation and links for data on many of the popular radio components.
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Radio Frequently asked Questions

Servo Specifications
Giant Servo Comparison Chart
One more giant servo chart
Servo lead configurations

Airtronics Radio Manuals
Airtronics manuals are available from their website at

Berg Receivers
5 DSP II Programming Ch 5/6
6 Chan DSP G III Setup

FMA Direct
Manuals at

Futaba Radio Manuals
Futaba Website
Futaba now maintains a excellent on line
collection of its manuals
Futaba Download page
Futaba digital servo operation

Hitec Radio Manuals
Hitec manuals are available from their website at: Select "Support" then "Product Support" then "Manuals"

JR Radio Manuals
Most current JR radio manuals are available from Horizon Hobbies at

(Not the full manual but addresses all function)

JR 10 SX Helicopter manual
Part 1 - Cover & intro (3.5 Mb)
Part 2 - 1/2 of code function (2.5 Mb)
Part 3 - Rest of code function (2.6 Mb)

JR X347 Manual

Removing the Back from a JR 12X
(From Runryder author unknown)

How to setup  4 servo 90 deg CCPM on 10X

JR Radio Data Sheets (By Rafiel  Flores)
For recording transmitter settings, Excel format
JR 8103 Heli Sheet
JR 9303 Heli Sheet

Miscellaneous Radio Data
R/C frequencies Chart
Diode jumpers for transmitter discharging (4)

How to convert a Futaba 4NBF/4NBL transmitter into a PC Controller.
Futaba PC Controller

Trainer Cord Pin out:
Airtronics AM/FM 
Futaba FM
Futaba AM