Airtronics SGX Gyro  92 K

Align GP700 Gyro  147 K
Align GP750 Gyro  198 K
Align RCE400 Gyro  398 K
Align RCE500 Gyro  435 K
Align RCE500x Gyro  373 K
Align RCE600 Gyro  401 K

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Arcamax PI Gyro Information

Century PG-01T (CN2017) Gyro
Century CN2022 Gyro

CSM 180 Gyro Instructions
CSM HLG200 Instructions
CSM SL310 Instructions
CSM 360 Gyro Instructions
CSM 360 RD6000 Addendum
CSM 360 PC interface Instructions
CSM 360 Software (See note 1)
CSM 360 PC Cable Diagram
CSM 400 Gyro Instructions
CSM SL420 Instructions
CSM 540 Gyro Instructions
CSM 540 Gyro Instructions (German)
CSM 540 RD6000 Addendum
CSM 540 PC Interface Instructions
CSM 540 Software (See note 1)
CSM 540 PC Cable Diagram
CSM SL560 Instructions
CSM SL720 Instructions
CSM Gyro Overview 540, 400, SPG-05 (German)

Curtis Youngblood
Instruction and setup videos are available at
Solid G Gyro
Click on products then Solid G Gyro

E-Flight G90 Gyro  314 K
E-Flight G110 Gyro  559 K

ESky 0704 Gyro  278 K
ESky 0704A Gyro  214 K
ESky 0704B Gyro

Horizon Hobbies
Heli-Max Products
CSM Products
Rick's (Heliproz South)
Futaba Home Page
Futaba download page
Curtis Youngblood

Futaba G132 - G152 Gyro Instructions  243 K
Futaba G133 - G153 Gyro Instructions  382 K
Futaba G190 Gyro Instructions  1 Meg
Futaba G301 Gyro Instructions  594K
Futaba G501 Gyro Instructions  594 K
Futaba GY240 Gyro Instructions  135K
Futaba GY401 Gyro Instructions
Futaba GY501 Gyro Instructions  4,292K
Futaba GY502 Gyro Instructions  228K
Futaba GY601 Gyro Instructions  239K
Futaba GY611 Gyro Instructions   1.9 Meg
Converting a 502 to a 601 (Runryder KCT Gallery)

GWS  PG01 Gyro
GWS PG02 Gyro  566 K
GWS PG03 Gyro

HiTec GY130 Gyro 141 K

Heli-Max 1010 Micro Gyro Instructions  124K
Heli-Max 1011 Mini Gyro Instructions 124K
Heli-Max 1015 Gyro Instructions  110K
Heli-Max HM400 Gyro Instructions 75 K

JR NEJ-130 Gyro Instructions  270 K
JR NEJ-900 Gyro Instructions  1.1 Meg
JR NEJ-3000 Gyro Instructions  625 K
JR G400 Gyro Instructions 50.2 K 
JR G410T Gyro Instructions 300 K
JR G450 Gyro Instructions  93.5 K
JR G460T Gyro Instructions  61 K
JR G500T Gyro Instructions   93.9 K
JR G550T Gyro Instructions  91 K
JR G770T Gyro Instructions   4.3 Meg
JR G7000T Gyro Instructions  178 K

Telebee GR701 Gyro Instructions  297 K
Eleminate the Gyro control box
Telebee setup (Heliproz South)

Walkera G001 Gyro 1.2 Meg
Walkera G006 Gyro  1.3 Meg

Miscellaneous Gyros
Blue Arrow G2J1 Gyro
Multiplex PK3 Gyro

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