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OS Engine Data
OS Heli Engine Specs
OS Engine history
A timeline of OS engine development with photo's

Engines Manual/Parts break down
OS28 F-H & 28F-H ABC (128 k)
OS32F-H & 32F-HS & 32F-HX (200 k)
OS 32 SXH Manual (631k)
OS 37 SZ-H Manual (690 k)
OS46SF-H Manual(64 k)
OS46 FX-H Manual (918 k)
OS50FSR-H Manual (61 k)
     OS 50 SXH Manual (784 k)
OS 50 Hyper (680 k)
OS61SFN-H Manual (71 k)
OS61 SXH Manual (701)
     OS 61 SXHWC Manual (1,139 k)
OS61 LXH Manual (631)
OS91 SXH Manual (758)
OS91 SXH Cspec Manual (646 k)

OS 20C Carb Instructions (4)
     OS 7H Carb Instructions (29 k)
     OS 60B Carb Instructions (338 k)
Walbro Carb Service Manual (5.8 Meg)

Super Tigre
Main site
All engines - Manual
All engines - Parts

Thunder Tiger
ThunderTiger 39 H Instructions
Parts Listing All Heli Engines (889 k)

YS  Engines Data
YS50ST (213 k)
     YS 61ST2 (235 k)
YS80ST (246 k)
YS91ST USA Manual (240 k)
YS91ST YS Manual (240 k)
YS91SR (294k)

Webra Engines
This site has an excellent listing of the engines.
Parts drawings and manuals are also available.
Webra Australia

K&B, HP, HB, MECOA, RJL & Fuji
Model Engine Co Of America
Aside from the engine information, this is a great site
to just browse around. The FAQ and Museum section
is worth looking at.

Miscellaneous Data
Extracted from the Dubro parts catalogue
Engine prop nut size chart

Understanding the Glow plug

The Powermaster FAQ's
Caster versus synthetic oil
2 vs 4 stroke fuels
Fuel storage

Rick's (Heliproz South)
Repoman's Website
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