Poudre Canyon

Poudre Canyon 

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Map 1 Joe Wright Reservoir
      Joe Wright Reservoir (67.4)
      Bull Lake trailhead (69.2)
      Sawmill Creek

Map 2 Chambers Lake
      Trap creek
      Chambers Lake campground (70.5)
      Barnes Meadow dam
      Hawthorn Lake road  (71.3)
      Aspen Glen campground

Map 3 Poudre Falls
      Big South campground (74.0)
      Poudre Falls

Map 4 Sleeping Elephant
      Tunnel rest area
      Spencer Heights (78.1)
      Trading Post
      Sportsman lodge
      Sleeping Elephant campground
      Sheep Creek

Map 5 Kinikinik
      Williams Gulch
      Kinikinik (82.0)
      Charles E Williams grave
      Big Bend campground
      Campbell cemetary
      Fish Hatchery

Map 6 Idylwilde
      Washout Gulch
      Idylwilde (87.1)
      Black Hollow
      Arrowhead lodge
      Profile Rock

Map 7 Rustic
      Fairkytes cemetary
      Crown Point gulch
      Glen Echo
      Rustic/Redfeather Lakes Rd) (91.2)
      Sodom mine
      Indian Meadows (92.7

Map 8 Indian Meadows
      Dad Gulch
      Indian Meadows  rest area
      Eggers rest area
      Pingree Park bridge (96.2)
      Kelly Flats campground

Map 9 Narrows
      Mt McConnel trailhead
      Mountain Park campground (99.1)
      Dutch George flats
      Mile Marker 101.5
      Narrows campground
      Narrows picnic area
      Poverty Gulch
      Buck Gulch
      Big Narrows
      Stephens Gulch

Map 10 Mishawaka/Road27
      Stephens Gulch (104.7)
      Upper Landing (Pork Chop)
      Stove Prairie Landing/Road 27 (106.1)
      Cedar Gulch
      Big Narrows
      Mishawaka (108.2)
      Ansel Watrous campground
      Young Gulch

Map 11 Poudre Park
      Mishawaka rest area
      Poudre Park picnic area
      Falls Gulch
      Hewlett Gulch
      Poudre Park (110.7)
      Hill Gulch
      Langston Pit
      Greylock trailhead

Map 12 North Fork
      Boyd gulch
      North Fork (117.1)

Map 13 Teds Place
      Teds Place/Highway 287 (122.4)

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