Mike hits the jackpot


So, on the lighter side.... I was at the South Longmont Walmart over in the fishing supply section.  What do I find there?  A big wooden box filled with flies.

As I'm looking through all the little plastic containers, I found mysis shrimp, orange ashers and lots of others like caddis, WD40's, BWOs, etc.  But there is no pricing information showing anywhere.

So I pick out 6 mysis shrimp, 4 orange ashers and a couple of red wd40s (just because they looked good to me.... but then again, I don't have fish eyes).  So I trip on up to the registers with all my other junk for camping next week (if you can even get to Dowdy Lake by then).  I tell the guy that I have 12 flies and he looks at me like I just flew in from Pluto.  He says, "There's no price on these!".  I agreed and said there was no pricing on the display either.  Then he sent out SOS calls to managers, sporting goods clerks, Cabelas, and anybody else who would listen.

Meanwhile, the line behind me is getting longer and longer, the natives are getting restless and I hear hushed threats against my life and anyone else in my family tree.  The clerk is now wandering all over the store looking for someone who will tell him how to price the damn things.  So finally, he says, "You have any idea how much these things are worth?".  So I said. "Well, Dick's sells 'em for a buck and they're 50 cents at Stream Flies."  As his eyes are rolling up in his head, a manager finally comes over.  She looks at the flies and immediately decides 'what kind of idiot would spend any money for these stupid little things?'  Ha, ha.... little does she know how many of us idiots are really out there!

Then the manager looks back at the line and sees murder, mayhem and lawsuits brewing behind me and makes an executive decision.  "Just ring them up for 25 cents apiece.... that okay with you sir?"  Sure I say, acting as if they're pricey, but I really need 'em.

Then the poor clerk spends another 5 frustrating minutes trying to get the cash register to accept this sale without bar codes, actual database referenced prices, or lacking that, direct authority from the deceased Sam Walton himself.  Finally, he looks at me with misty eyes and says; "just put the damn things in your bag and don't say anything."  I felt so bad for him that I handed him $3.00 and said "Here, just in case you figure out how to fool the register.  If not you can get yourself a cold drink at the McDonalds concession."  He was just grateful to be rid of me!

It won't matter if I catch any fish with these flies, 'cause it was something rare to have an experience like this at Walmart.  I can't catch a fish, but I can catch a deal!