Sicilian Paintbrush fly

The Sicilian Paintbrush

From The 9/19 /2011 Joe Wight Trip Report (By Augie) "...In extreme low water conditions, the group cleans up in spite of nomenclature faux pas like 'Big Yellow Honkin' Thing' and 'Sicilian Paintbrush'"

Now everybody has a Big Yellow Honkin' Thing in their fly box. Chester later clarified that it was really a Big Yellow Honkin Thing with wings.

But what the hell is a Sicilian Paintbrush?

Not only did it not exist, but on that particular outing there was a gentlemen watching the crew pull them in and he just had to ask Mike "What are you using"? Mike never being without an answer, and not having the slightest idea what fly he was using, responded to the gentleman "a Sicilian Paintbrush".

To this day we are sure that the guy is still searching the internet for a Sicilian Paintbrush fly.

That in itself has been worth a laugh or two ever since the trip. However, this group has never been known to pass up an opportunity. It appears that Chester has shared this story with his Son-in-law, who is not only a competent fly fisherman but also ties his own flies. With a little prodding from Chester, and a basic description of what it should look like, we are proud to announce the release of
(drum roll please)...

Available only from this site at a highly inflated price.
(If you have to ask, you can't afford one.)

*** UPDATE ***

On 04/24/2012 the Sicilian Paintbrush caught its first fish.