Slippery Rock Staff

Slippery Rock Wading Pro

For those with more money than .., or as Mike said, "90 Bucks!!!!!!  How about a length of pine branch.... you could whittle a new one each trip.  What happened to the Boy Scout motto?"

(Nobody said this hobby was cheap)

Preliminary Evaluation of Slippery Fish Pond Rock Wading Staff (or whatever it's called).

It comes packaged in a custom made tube wrapped in low density polyethylene surrounded by parchment paper (a cardboard tube and plastic bag).

It is silver in color and strong....

I believe it's constructed of aircraft aluminum and powder coated with Aluminum Oxide ( Al2O3 for the chemists out there).

It has a heavy rubber tip overlying a titanium (or depleted uranium) tip.

The handle is heavy foam rubber that contains an adjustable, lined wrist strap.

On the very top is a cork ball the size of an arancini (Italian rice ball).

The ball is held to the staff by a brass threaded insert. Once removed the brass fitting on the handle serves as a camera mount (thereby eliminating the need for hat cams, sunglass cams etc.).

Gone are the silly clamp thingies which my old stick has to adjust the length. Those were apparently designed to fail but only in the most dire circumstances. This stick simply twists.

It floats so I assume it is watertight which should eliminate river water from entering the living room and dripping on the closet floor.

CAUTION --- This thing looks like a quality piece of equipment and trying to convince the wife that it 'was only $19.95 and I had a $10 off coupon and it came with free shipping' is not a recommended strategy.

I'm sure it has GPS, a stream thermometer and a fish finder but I can't see where to put the batteries.

Augie is a happy puppy

(Al's note: But we haven't seen it in action yet.)