Super Duper

The Super Duper Lure

Since not all fishing is with a fly rod.

Based on input from "Mike" the troller,

Although available in many patterns, the nickel with red head is my choice for a sunny day.
The brass version for overcast.

Sized as follows:

500 = 1" 1/22 oz
501 = 1 1/8" 1/12 oz
502 = 1 1/4" 1/10 oz
503 = 1 1/2" 1/6 oz
506 = 1 3/4" 1/4 oz

And why isn't there a 504 and 505?

The Super Duper on Luhr Jensen website

A quote worth mentioning was Augie's statement after catching four trout in about 20 minutes at Lon Hagler:

"Aug returned home vowing to never again take advantage of our finny adversaries with such overwhelming, metallic tactics. He is having his SOOPER DOOPER bronzed to hang on the wall. His conclusion is that like flying electric planes, anybody can succeed with a SOOPER DOOPER!"

His original comment on the Super Duper was who the hell fishes with fingernail clippers?

And now for even greater success comes the new SUPER Super Duper. This improved version eliminates much of the hardware hanging from you vest as it includes a built in line trimmer and hook sharpener.

And if the fish aren't biting, take a break and improve your appearance with freshly manicured nails.

Coming soon to a drugstore near you.