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Charter and Rules of the BAS Fishing Division

Article 1: Name
The group shall be knows as the Bas Fishing Division (or the BFD)

Article 2: Purpose
Bolster the economy through the purchase of equipment
which may or may not enhance the art of  fishing.
(But looks good.)

Vie for the honor of High Hook for the year by catching
more average fish per trip than any other member.

Article 3: Membership
Currently restricted to 4 piscatorial addicts
which don't know any better.

(Guest invites may be extended by the group)

Article 4: Officers
We ain't got none.
(All fisherman are created equal.)

Article 5 Meetings
All group business may be conducted any time two or more members are together:
In the car going to or from a trip…
At the lunch following a trip…
During any Hotel California (HC) breakfast…
or any other means determined suitable.

Article 6: Dues
The high cost of trying to outdo the other members of the group
with expensive unnecessary equipment. 

Article 7: Committees
A group trip organizer shall be roped-in by the group
should a multi-day outing be desired.

Article 8 Special fishing regulations
An official trip shall be any trip in which all members were invited and at least 2 attended.
(Sneak outs by an individual will be recorded, but any fish caught do not count.)

To count a fish must be landed (or touch the net).

Bluegills, Sunfish* and Perch do not count.
(Sunfish* = Pan fish which include the word "Sunfish" in their name.)


Bluegill (Sunfish similar)