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Mike's Terrific Tether

With the loss of our team mentor Augie, the team now had some decisions to make.

Augie used hip waders, versus chest waders, and his one attempt at float tubing, using Al's float tube, resulted in wet pants as the water poured in from the back of his waders. Hip waders do not work for float tubes. Augie refused to get new waders and a float tube and was therefore shore line restricted.

In Augie's absence, Mike is left without a shore line partner when the team visits Joe Wright, Lily or any other float tube lake as Al and Chester will  take off in their tube and kayak.

Realizing this, Mike set out to find a float tube. With a little research ,and assistance from Al, he located a Lost Creek tube at Sports Authority. The Lost Creek appears to be a copy of the Fish Cat 4 with vinyl versus PVC bladders. Shortly after locating it he appeared at one of our donut socials sporting his new tube, pump, fins and an anchor. Ready to go.

In our discussions I happened to mention that he needs to make sure he doesn't accidentally drop the rod overboard while landing a fish. I also set my rod in the back of the tube while launching and putting on my fins.

This set Mike's mind to work and we now have the new "Mikes Terrific Tether". A custom BFD accessory made available to all members. Complete with the "You drop it we stop it" caption and an LC trademark logo. The units were delivered carefully packaged in a half size Ziploc baggie. Although no instruction were included, the photo does show the rod attachment. The unit also includes a clip for attaching the other end to a D ring on the tube/kayak. The units are said to be 100% guaranteed and to have been stress tested by the inventor.

With specialty items like the "Mike's Terrific Tether" and Chester's "Sicilian Paintbrush" fly the team just may have to open up a distribution outlet and on-line fly shop... (Nah).

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