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Minutes of the 2013 Fly distribution meeting.

Here is Augie's recollection of our fly distribution breakfast meeting (January 2013):

In a gesture worthy of the 2013 Teamwork award, Al offered to place an order with Streamflies to fill the flyboxes (if not the coffers) of the Four Horsemen. Although some will say he merely did it to meet the 50 fly minimum, others will scoff at this suggestion.

The last Saturday in January brought the bounty of 174 flies to Al's doorstep. Immediately he fired off a note that a Team breakfast was in order to handle fly distribution. But what day was best? Augie responded immediately. But silence was the only sound from Chester and Mike as Saturday and then Sunday passed by the calendar. Undaunted, Al sorted the flies for the big day.

At 0215 on Monday, Chester connected to the internet and
announced that Monday @ 0900 would be an appropriate time. Augie, reading this at 0425 mulled it over and concluded 'YEAH, right' and returned to his shipwright duties. Magically, @ 0745 Mike announced 0900 was GREAT!. Augie, completely befuddled, asked if anyone had consulted Al? To allow for extra communication time, he suggested a 0915 get together ....a decision he will NEVER outlive. Finally, Al chimed in and the meet was set.

At breakfast, after 1/2 hour of ball breaking to decide who had said what to whom when, the flies were passed out. But Al had an alterior motive. As if by magic, forceps, tippets and hat eyes appeared and a challenge to Mike was thrown down........ 'Let's see you tie on that #24 Disco Fever midge'!!!!!!!

To the amazement of all (including the waitress), Mike proceeded to tie said midge onto BOTH 5X and 6X's tippets!!!!!! Admittedly, sitting over a plate of pancakes sporting a fishing hat, manual tools and a lens the size of the observatory at Mt. Palomar did look a bit strange. But succeed he did!!

Has Mike become a force to be reckoned with? Will Chester EVER try out his new Helios setup? Will Augie let the Team experiment with his new Sage rod? Will Al ever stop talking about the superiority of his $29 rod/reel/line arrangement?

Stay tuned folks. The adventure is soon to begin.

Addendum: In previous discussions, the team had come up with nicknames for the members…

Al became "Parachute"  based on his one-fly-fits-all Parachute Adams philosophy...
Augie became "Surefoot" based on his swimming adventure at the Black Hole…
Chester became "Backstroke" based on his Indian Meadows antics..
Mike became "Lawnchair" based on his first outing with the group at Joe Wright.

At the meeting Mike stated that he had abbreviated his handle to LC, which meant Al could use PC and Augie SF, but Chester was not happy when his came out BS.