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Proposal (By Augie)

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New Fishing Team Scoring

Although the Team has always had the mottos 'One for all and all for one' and 'Who's Counting', at times it seems as if total fish count, average fish/trip, fish per cubic foot and other such quantitative measures are bandied about with relish.  Are the numbers really that important? 

A more strategic, long term question is are the numbers accurate?  Do they truly tell the tale?  Is a fish a fish, or are some fish somehow more 'worthy'.  And how about the act of fishing itself?  Is a 'spin fish' worth less than a 'fly fish'.  Is a fish caught on a Sooooper Doooper worth more than a fish caught on a worm?

So many questions come to mind that I think it behooves us to establish a list of values which shall prevail for all time
with liberty and justice for all !  Toward that end, I propose a system in which POINTS be tallied in lieu of fish. And I

Attending a team trip (participation award) .
Attending a team trip @ temp. of LT 40
Leaving home a major piece of equipment .
Losing a major piece of equipment on trip .
Putting waders on backwards .
Putting shoes on wrong feet  ..
Brown Trout on fly .
Brown Trout on Hardware
Brown Trout on bait ..
Rainbow/Cuthroat/Grayling on fly .
Rainbow/Cuthroat/Grayling on Hardware ...
Rainbow/Cuthroat/Grayling on bait ..
Bass - any kind, any method ..
Bluegill - any method ...
Perch - any method ...
Any fish over 16" ...
Any fish over 18" ...
Any fish over 20" ...
Spilling drinks at lunch .
Falling into River .
Recovering equipment from above ...
Losing car keys resulting in delay .
Wearing ridiculous trout hat
Misidentifying fly 
Misidentifying fish ..
Catching 2 fish at one time (on one hook)  ..
Fishing with no hook .
Fishing with birds nest/wind knot ..
Fishing after 'game over' declared
Dropping fish on hard object (resulting in concussion) ..

Add 2
Add 3

The values presented are merely a proposal and are subject to negotiation/revision.  However, an interesting exercise would be to have Al, retrospectively, review the Team's 2011/2012 trips to date to determine how well the proposed system works.  I am confident that a new hierarchy will be revealed!

NOTE: This is what happens when you spend the whole day freezing your nuts off in 'The Pursuit of Happiness"

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