Source of the Poudre

The source of the Mighty Poudre

To all that know the Poudre, the name "Wild and Scenic" is a description commonly added to it's name. It is also thought by some that the Poudre is one of the rivers which does not contain a dam on it.

Although the lower part of the Poudre may fit the description of "Wild and Scenic" and undamed, it's beginning in the Rocky Mountain National Park does not. Did you even know that there is a Poudre Lake? Yes that's right a Poudre Lake and it's associated dam. It is located just East of the Continental Divide off of Trail Ridge road. In fact there is a pull-off and parking area for it.

A report from Mike gave us the following description and pictures: Here it is guys.  Not to blow the mystique of the wild and scenic Cache la Poudre, but at its source is this anemic lake.  Now, it covers a pretty good area, but is no more than 6 inches deep at any point.  The inlet is that small bit of snow in the lower right corner.  The outlet crosses under the highway in a culvert.  From there the "stream", which is a whopping 1 foot across, winds its way down the valley to eventually get measured in hundreds of CFM....  Now you know the 'Rest of the Story!'

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Wikipedia shows: Poudre Lake is an alpine lake and a main source of Poudre River. It is located just a few feet East of the Continental Divide in Larimer County, Colorado. It is a "dead lake", that is that fish cannot survive in it because it freezes completely during the winter months.

(I'm not sure I would agree with the statement "and a main source of Poudre River")