Poudre Scouting Trip

(Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011)

The following observations were made in the early AM for the purpose of locating a suitable fly fishing location.  "Suitable" is defined as a spot having good access to the river, reasonable water to work with and a bottom structure which might allow a senior citizen to exit in one piece.

Locations are from the most Easterly spot to the furthest West.

PORK CHOP CREEK (AKA Upper Landing)                                Rating **

Mile Marker 105.1 (North Side).  Access EASY.

A good center run with seams that comes into a DEEP pool which has a reverse current on the East end.  Pool should allow for dry flys and/or nymphs with the faster water below having nymph possibilities but a medium sized rock bottom, possibly difficult to wade.  Up on the West end, quick water which is nymph territory but again possibly difficult to wade.

STEVEN'S GULCH                                                                                Rating ***

About mile West of Pork Chop. North side .  Access EASY.

Huge pool at East end, good dry fly water.  Stream divide at West end good nymph/bucktail water.  Long upper West end run for drys/nymphs.  Some edges for terrestrials.  VERY good bottom for easy wading.

The NARROWS Area                                                                              Rating **

About 3 miles West of Stevens, South side.  Access EASY

Day use area on West end.  Walk up path.  Medium water for drys/nymphs.  Difficult but not impossible wading.  On East end, fast streamer water with some terrestrial chances on far side.  BIG rocks in this section on the bottom, use caution.

NO NAME SPOT                                                                                      Rating **

Just West of Pingry Park Bridge and East of Eggers area on South side.  Access STEEP but ok.
Nice dry fly stretches.  More shallow flats than pools.

EGGERS AREA                                                                                         Rating 0

No good
.  Access too steep

                                                      Rating Upper **, Lower ****

About Mile marker 94- 96 on the North side.  There is a lower pulloff and a 'middle' one to the West in the center of the meadow.  The middle area you follow the trail to the treeline, stumble down a steep hill.  The water is fast , the rocks are BIG and covered with algae.  Wading is DIFFICULT.  Turn to the left (West) when you reach the river and go maybe 200 yards to the trees.  Follow the path and you'll find 3 easy access areas but all fast streamer/nymph water.

The lower area is Paradise.  Follow the path, go down the hill then follow the river to the West.  You come to an easy access section with good nymph/streamer water and a huge pool for dry flys.  You can continue West and find some nice runs but access gets more difficult.  The pool and below offer moderate wading difficulty, above the pool BIG rocks with algae.

Suggest you go with a friend to the Meadows 'just in case'.

BONUS NO NAME SPOT                                                                       Rating ***

At Mile marker 101.5, parking on both North and South sides.

2 Islands with nice runs.  Access
Very good bottom.  Drys, nymphs, streamers and a few terrestrial spots.

FISH HATCHERY AREA                                                                        Rating ?

Mile markers 84-86 on the South side.  Didn't get a good look.

ST. VRAIN RIVER                                                                                  Rating *

Mile marker 28.8 on left side.  Nymphs, drys, streamers areas.  Cross over river carefully to path that leads North??  Not really, tried it, no luck.

REMEMBER-    The ratings don't reflect fish, just possibilities.  On this Labor Day Weekend morning I saw only one fisherman and he caught 2 fish at Stevens Gulch on Elk Hair Caddis.  There were rises to something at lower Indian Meadows and fish literally flying out of the water at Upper Indian Meadows well within reach of a 90 foot cast.