Pork Chop



For Those With Habitat Stamps

(or 65 and older)

The remarkable, free-flowing Cache La Poudre river in picturesque Larimer County is perhaps the most beloved haven for fly fisherman in all of Colorado.  Naturally occurring brown and stocked rainbow trout abound in vast numbers but still prove wiley and elusive to all but the most skilled anglers.

In an effort to provide recreation for those who are 'piscatorially challenged', Colorado Fish and Game has designated several (secret) spots where folks can throw anything but the tackle box into the stream in an effort to land 'the big one'.  One such little-known spot is
'Pork Chop Creek' located midway between Poudre Park and Rustic.  Here, the normally wary prey violently attack any form of organic bait including worms, occasionally salmon eggs and even ham on rye sandwiches.  However, the utility of the legendary 'Super Duper' has yet to be established.   Although normal human beings should be satisfied with foot-long rainbows, those of Italian heritage are often seen landing lunker brown trout on worms coated in olive oil or pre-treated with marinara sauce and kept in the family fridge overnight next to the traditional celebratory pie.

A word of caution.  This section of the Poudre has been know to trick the unwary into hooking themselves  in their haste to pound the river into submission.  A first aid kit is recommended.

Best fishing days fall between the New and Full Moon and before 10:30 AM.