2011 fishing report

Fishing report - 2011 Season
(Count is actual fish landed)

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All member in attendance report: Since not all trips were attended by all member, and since some trips were more productive, this is the average for trips in which all members attended. (5 trips.)

Without Mike: With "Musical Mike" missing most of the trips, here is the Al, Augie, Chester score. (8 trips.)

Al versus Augie: The challenge of the original twosome. (13 trips.)

More numbers: We spent a total of 50 person days fishing (Al 13, Augie 17, Chester 12, Mike 8) and caught a total of 106 fish which gives us the average of 2.1 fish per person per trip. (The Al/Mike Dowdy lake and the Augie/Diane  Joe Wright trips are not in any of the above numbers.)

Chester took the high-gun award with his 12 Grayling at Joe Wright (but he also got skunked the most times).