Big Thompson Maps and Data
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Map 6
   Round Mountain
   Loveland Power Plant

Map 7
   Cedar Creek
   Cedar Cove
   Grouse Hollow
   Dickson Gulch

Map 8
   Pillar of Hercules
  The Narrows
   Little Dam
   Big Thompson Siphon
   Big Thompson Power Plant

Map 9
   Road 27

Map 10

Map 1
   Estes Lake
   Loveland Heights

Map 2
   Glen Comfort
   Dark Gulch
   Noels draw

Map 3
   Rabbit Gulch
   Long Gulch

Map 4
   True Gulch
   Sullivan Gulch

Map 5
   North Fork
   Idylwilde Reservoir

Other Data

Artificial bait/Catch & Release from Dam to Waltona bridge (Map 4). Big Thompson map & forum
Big Thompson hatch chart

Did you know that the Big Thompson trout reproduce naturally and the river is not stocked?