2011 Photos (Click on photo for larger view)

You need to get up early to fish the Poudre.
Yes Mike there is a sunrise in Colorado.

Three out of four, where's Chester?
(Stop at Pork Chop on the way to Joe Wright)

Mikes second trip to Joe Wright.
We don't want to talk about his first.

One of 11 fish.
This fly fishing might catch on.

Now that's a motley group.
(St Vrain trip)

Lon Hagler - 11/17/2011
The wind comes up quick on the Hag…
We were fishing here 5 minutes ago.

Augie at Lon Hagler (11/23/2011)
Yes, that's a spinning rod with a Super Duper.

Sunglass camera ($#!*%) The only one that came out.
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